Exhibition: Shared Spaces

In this series of artworks I am exploring the psychological dynamics of human relationships. I am trying to create an illustration of a couple’s true relationship, a visualization of their psychological reality. While these works are erotic at first glance, this project is not confined to exploring sexual relationships. Many of the works can involve siblings, and parents and their children. Often, I am focused on identifying a “Power Balance” that defines a relationship.

Starting with two people close to me, I attempt to tune into the energy of their relationship to each other. By displaying their nude figures, stripped of their cultural armor (clothing, hair, tattoos, etc.) these couples are symbolically forced into small containers to arrange themselves. The nature of the relationship is clarified in this exercise. The poses the characters assume expose the power dynamic. This can appear most imbalanced between siblings, and parents and their children.

Digital Artworks are executed on the iPad. Traditional media works are created with Acrylic on Paper, Canvas, Pencil on Paper, Pen on Paper. Created between 1992-2016

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