Sarah, Reclining


“Sarah, Reclining”
Archival Print: 13″ x 19″
Epson Archival Watercolor Art Paper

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The Life Model “Sarah” posed for artist Jeffrey Wiener in 2016 in Greenwich Village, New York during The Great Nude magazine’s “Celebration of Life Drawing” event. The digital sketch started from this initial 2 hour live session, and then the artist spent another few weeks working on the finished drawing. Using the iPad 2 and the APP “Procreate” to draft this masterpiece of shading and form, the details are quite impressive in these large archival paper prints.

Watch this drawing come to life on YouTube, from the artist’s first few minutes of discovery and light sketching, to the unending hours of thousands of tedious, painstakingly placed pencil strokes, “Sarah, Reclining” is an amazing drawing to contemplate.

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