Commander Bush and the Last Crusade (Animation)

This video was created as a submission to a public contest – a great experiment in political activism within the creative community. Lot’s of design firms, professional and amateur videographers, and a few animators, were involved in this national competition founded by Entitled BUSH in 30 Seconds, the contest required submissions to adhere to very tight restrictions on activist-funded political messaging, and several creative restraints regarding formats and file sizes. One of these videos would be chosen by the internet-voting public on the website and broadcast to the nation during Bush’s State of the Union speech coming this January, 2004.

Our own goal was to create a piece that spotlighted the conflict of interest in the Bush Administration’s policies towards the middle east. Is it about oil? Is it about 9.11? Or is it about our God being bigger than their God? (Only God knows the answer to that one.) Certainly, it’s clear President Bush views Islam as an Evil religion, and the various Middle Eastern cultures as either extremists or Terrorists.

This animation also takes its thematic cue from the popularization of “End of Times” fantasies being entertained widely within the Christian community. They’ve even got comic books about the Apocalypse for Christian teenagers now. Their uncritical embrace of this president needs to be examined from theological grounds and quickly, before he drags us ALL into a religious war against the entire people of Islam. Is this how Jesus would handle things? It’s about time Christians ask themselves this question. (You’ve got until November.)

In the meantime, we suggest everyone get more involved in politics. Brush up on your favorite issues. Start a few discussions with people you know about what’s going on. Ask the tough, sensitive questions now. The more people talk about what they want for their country and our children, the more likely our leaders will hear about it. So raise your voice.


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