Workshop: Drawing with your iPad, ARTS WAREHOUSE in Delray Beach, Fla

My next iPad Workshop is being held at The ARTS WAREHOUSE in Delray Beach, Dec. 14th. Join me for a three hour workshop that will help Artists, Illustrators, Animators, Designers and Art Directors integrate the iPad into your creative workflow. We will cover the basics as well as some techniques to get you started working with this amazing drawing tool.

DATE: Dec. 14th, 2019
TIME: 12 – 3pm
LOCATION: 313 NE 3rd Street, Delray Beach, Florida 33444
PRICE: $75 – Tickets Available Here on Facebook:

Calling all artists looking to explore your iPad as an art medium.

iPAD WORKSHOP– Beginners thru advanced artists welcome!

Class Requirements:
• Fully charged iPad3, iPad4, or iPad Pro
• a Digital Pen
• a Charger
• APP Procreate: This APP must be purchased and installed in advance on your own iPad using the App Store

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Part 1. Drawing with the iPad: Procreate Basics
Part 2. Drawing with the iPad: Animating Your Still-Lifes

This workshop teaches various techniques for sketching and painting using the app “Procreate” on iPad. Artists (Illustrators, Animators, Interior Designers, Print Designers) of all levels will be taught the basics for using the app’s “User Interface” to create drawings and paintings that rival traditional media in terms of professional practices. This could be useful for sketches, planning, or creating finished artworks. This would also be a great workshop for those who desire a professional career as commercial illustrators and designers and need an intro!

How the workshop will run:

Students are encouraged to bring their own iPad devices with the app “Procreate” pre-installed, iPad charged, and with their own stylus. The instructor will spend some time going through the app’s user interface and hear how to use the software. The instructor will have his iPad projected onto a large monitor so that students can follow along with him during the APP review and during the drawing exercises. The instructor will then show several basic drawing exercises, teaching how to export and share the finished results. Students will ultimately create their own animations during the exercises. Older Artists (or as we like to call them, “Tech Beginners”) are welcome encouraged to attend. Younger Artists are encouraged, especially ones , who can use good advice on current production techniques and how to incorporate digital media into the Adobe Suite workflow. He will also have on display examples of finished drawings and paintings printed out onto large format sheets, as an example of artworks produced on the iPad.

A little about the Instructor:

Artist Jeffrey Wiener has been offering this workshop since 2015 where he first taught this workshop at The Art Students League of New York. Since then, the class has been requested several times a year in New York, the Catskills in upstate New York, and here in South Florida/Palm Beach County. Now he brings his highly acclaimed workshop to Delray Beach.

Jeffrey Wiener
B. 1961, Miami, Florida

“Working as a Creative Director with his own multimedia design studio (, the owner of a Digital Game Development Company (, and a Figurative Arts magazine (, I focus my classes on helping working artists and artist entrepreneurs acquire more advanced skills and techniques for producing and publishing digital media.”

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