Live-streaming Digital Artist Teaches Drawing on the iPad on Zoom and Facebook

Digital Artist Jeffrey Wiener has begun live-streaming pay-to-watch video classes online, using Zoom’s newest tutorial platform “OnZoom” and Facebook’s Events platform. Students can pay for their classes through Zoom and Facebook, simplifying the ticketing process and offering trouble-free video classes through these trusted social media brands.

Multiple cameras are utilized to facilitate quick learning, alternating between over-the-shoulder views, direct projections of the iPad screen, and most importantly, a crisp, high-resolution view of the reference photo or statuary. Through a series of drawing exercises using the iPad and the app “Procreate”, he’ll review techniques for mimicking sketching with pencils, charcoal, pastels using small statuary and natural objects as subjects.

The classes are designed to familiarize the students with the most useful features for sketching with Procreate on the iPad. Students will follow along to create numerous sketches during the one hour workshop.

FACEBOOK: Click Here to see a schedule of classes on Facebook.

OnZOOM: Visit Jeffrey Wiener’s OnZoom profile page to see a schedule of classes.

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