“The Retribution of Eve”: New Digital Painting feat. Adam and Eve Brawling in the Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve Fight to the Death in the Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve are now fighting for their lives under the same fig tree that brought them together when they were young and innocent. Eve has snapped. She has been abused for centuries, nay, thousands of years, as Adam’s partner!!! Ever since she was created from Adam’s rib! (AS iF.) From the beginning, Adam has been a brute, just like his son Cane. All fists. Adam had no parenting. No love from a Father Figure. He was simply created with dirt and God’s spit, or snot, or something gross. Showed up here as a grown-ass man. And Eve, she has had enough. Really, enough. Better to wander the earth alone than to live one more day under His Eye.

I spent about 4 years working on this image, painting each of the thousands of small marks and brush-strokes, all layered upon one another like a renaissance work using oils. This is the process I developed over the last 15 years use when working on the iPad with the APP Procreate. I have been using Procreate since its release, and I’ve been using the iPad as a drawing tool since the device was available to the public.

I’ve entered this Digital Painting into the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2024 hoping to get more exposure for this depiction of traditional biblical tale of our origins, but with a violent, gender-twist. The version of the work I posted on social media had to include fig leaves as cover-ups for the genitals and nipples, which I knew was ridiculous for Adam and Eve in the modern world. In any case, I am more curious as to how the depiction of violence against men will be received.

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