Artist Jeffrey Wiener designs Climate-related line of products to inspire empathy and action.

Multimedia artist Jeffrey Wiener is a brand consultant, illustrator and graphic designer for many commercial clients whose mission is often focused on nature, science and education. Climate Change is also of personal interest to Jeffrey as a native Floridian who spent a great deal of time running through the Everglades as a kid.

Frustrated by the lack of education among the general public for the details of Climate Change, Jeffrey took to the challenge of creating graphic communications that could at least help the general public develop empathy for the affects of Climate Change.

“T-Shirts, Totes, Mugs, these are the media spaces where we express our politics and how we feel about social issues. Like bumper stickers on the backs of cars, these are very effective messaging opportunities for us, as we pass through crowds of people in malls, on college campuses, and other public places. I wanted to create more compelling ways to present Climate Change for the people who want to communicate how they feel about Planet Earth. These graphics are easy to understand, and they are easy to wear in public. These are the media spaces we can use to express ourselves.”

The graphic designs are now available at the GreenDreamStore hosted on Shopify ( which offers a large variety of applications for these Climate-related concepts: T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote-bags, and other apparel items. “I’ve priced these high-quality products on the lower end of the price range, and the shipping options are all there. I am hoping to see kids and teens wearing these Climate messages as well as Boomers like myself.”

“AOC/Green New Deal” graphic features a portrait of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a “Jungle Crown” filled with rainforest wildlife.
“Save Our Planet” graphic features a planet being exploited at one end as young kids run toward a pristine pond.
“Bury Guns, Plant Trees” graphic features several weapons pointed into the earth, as leaves sprout from the stocks.
“Baby Trump” graphic features a large-headed president Trump in a pin-stripped suit, sucking the oil out of planet earth like it was a juice container.
“Don’t Pick My Planet” graphic features an iconic planet earth at the center of a flower, with a petal missing.

Click here to see the entire catalog of products on GreenDreamStore.

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